Clearview Staffing Software

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  • Reinvent an aging brand through both traditional print and website design, clarify the marketing message and communicate their points of difference.
  •  Increase Clearview’s Internet presence through search engine optimization and, attract capital and institutional investors.


We conducted in-depth marketing research and industry interviews. It became clear there was confusion in the marketplace pertaining to Clearview’s multiple products, many with overlapping features. Armed with our market research, we developed a strategy that separated the client’s products into niche verticals supported by individual sub-brands and supporting websites, but keeping them unified with an umbrella home page and cohesive graphic design. Every page of all four web sites was completely search-engine optimized with all the latest best practices and launched onto the Internet, along with the supporting print collateral.


Within one week, the websites began to show at or near the top of search engines, significantly improving their visibility to potential customers and competitors alike. Feedback from Clearview’s vendors and target audience was extremely positive, and statistical analysis showed a significant rise in visitor time-on-site pages viewed and incoming calls. Within months of the introduction of the new corporate brand and launch of the websites Clearview Staffing Software was acquired by its largest competitor, API Healthcare.

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Develop a series of ads that resembled video game box designs to resonate with, and motive the target audience to purchase. GameStop is the single source for every game title worth having and, has access to the latest games – even before they are publicly available. TagTeam Creative designed appealing art direction that leveraged the work and detail that went into developing the original artwork. While GameStop competitor ads may show the game box, our designs created an emotional tie to the game.


Incredible artwork and graphic design that really popped off the page.