TagTeam Creative is a full-service content marketing company in Dallas that creates, publishes, and shares quality content in order to attract visitors, acquire customers and bolster the Internet reputation of our clients.

The process of Content Development includes research, organization, writing, editing and re-purposing information for publication in various forms on various websites. Web site content may consist of press releases, news, articles, blog posts, photos, video production, graphics, powerpoint presentations, white papers, ebooks, infographics, case studies, how-to’s, FAQs, mini-site design and development and other digital assets that could be distributed on the Internet.

Once we’ve created the content, we publish it across many Internet channels in order to attract more visitors and expand brand recognition. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore social media and Content Strategy. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter and LinkedIn receive hundreds of millions of visits everyday from members who have already proven they seek out interaction with brands. This content eventually gets picked up by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo where people use to find content.

Comprehensive List of our Content Marketing Services


Content structured like news or an article but intended as advertising. Infomercials are a popular video form of advertorials.


We publish content to your main business site, post links back to it from social media, and provide an RSS feed so readers can subscribe to updates.


The discovery, organization and management of relevant content that will be edited, repurposed and redistributed back into the public domain.

Case Studies

“Facts tell, stories sell.” and case studies continue to serve an effective purpose for telling successful problem / solution brand and product stories. Check out some of our Internet Marketing Case Studies.


This tactic involves inviting a group of individuals to help solve a particular problem or to contribute insight / expertise / opinion towards a particular topic. The resulting content attracts the attention of participants’ networks and they feel a certain pride of ownership.

Digital Newsletters

Newsletters provide a consistent source of useful information, advertorial and links to web pages that further engage the reader.


eBooks contain robust content and provides an in depth look at a particular topic. eBooks can be compelling which is especially effective in B2B marketing and longer sales cycles.

Email Marketing

We can create everything from consistent articles to special promotions in an effort to communicate with opt-in subscribers. Email Marketing provides the highest conversion rates of any online marketing tactic.

Interactive Games

We can develop games to support promotional efforts that will entertain your target market and enhance the user’s experience with the brand.

Images and Infographics

Pictures are worth a thousand words and infographics can communicate quickly and are popular content on social media that is easily and often shared.

Mini-site Marketing

We have had excellent success creating mini-web sites dedicated to specific campaigns, promotions or targeted key-phrases. These mini-sites allow the owners to control content, backlinks and provide seo support.

Mobile Apps

The popular web is increasingly mobile, and mobile apps that provide information and enhance User Experience on tablets and mobile phones are a very effective part of content marketing.

Mobile Content

This is content specifically written and formatted for mobile consumption like ringtones, wallpapers, graphics, discount offers, games, videos, etc.

Online Press Releases

Press releases are an extremely robust and sharable form of content that now includes graphics, links, photos and videos. Search engines rank search engine optimized press releases very well and increase their chances of reaching both journalists and end-consumer as well.

Online Magazines

With content being increasing consumed via tablets and iPads, many organizations have started publishing their content online. Some magazines like TIME, have become exclusively Internet accessible.


iTunes provides an effective distribution and promotion platform for many popular podcasts which can be audio or video. Like newsletters, podcasts are often published according to a schedule and provide regular, useful information.

Event Marketing

Content creation opportunities at industry conferences, trade shows and events are content marketing gold. From advance articles from speakers, pre-event interviews, live-blogging the event and post event “after parties”, special attention should be paid to maximizing these opportunities as sharing and network make content distribution easier and more effective.

Social Media Content

Content created specifically (or strategically repurposed) for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare and Pinterest can have a significant impact on awareness and engagement when planned and implemented using best practices. This is especially true for Video Marketing on YouTube and Vimeo. These assets can go through our Video SEO services to increase visibility in the search engines.


Client recommendations based on experience with your product or service are one of the shortest forms of content marketing, but also one of the most powerful in driving conversions and building brand trust, especially if the recommendation is from someone in the persons social or business network.

Video Marketing

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world and has single-handedly given rise to Video Marketing. Besides creating visually engaging videos, we can also add Video SEO services to increase their visibility in the search engines. Video Marketing and SEO is effective for both consumer and B2B markets.

Virtual Conferences

Online conferences aggregate a wide variety of quality content that can be repurposed to provide content that can be redistribution as podcasts, presentations, social media content and more.

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