The Power of Front Page Local Map Listings

Local Marketing and Local Search Engine Optimization in Dallas has become a very important aspect of small business marketing. When a consumer is looking for a business or service in their local area, the Internet is the method most frequently used. All three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, have a section dedicated to Local Business Pages and listings where your business can be seen.

Consumers are often drawn to the Local Map section of the search results because it easily shows them where the local business is physically located. In addition, other useful information is provided, such as reviews, contact information, coupons, links to the business’ website, and even links to other websites related to that business.

Being listed in the first page search results is very important because most people do not go to the second page of the map listings. Most importantly, it provides more detailed information about your company and lists your contact info so customers can contact you without having to visit your website!

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