StreetGreen Trailerskirt Advertising

OOH Marketing Startup Case Study:
Branding, Website Design, Development and Digital Marketing

OBJECTIVE:  This client leverages technology to turn the sideskirts of 18-wheelers into mobile billboards. As a startup, the client needed brand recognition.

SOLUTION: We conducted additional market research confirming that sideskirt advertising is indeed a viable concept, an industry innovation, and an effective form of marketing.

Then, we created a brand, a web presence, sales collateral, and leveraged our significant network on Linkedin to connect the client directly to media buyers, agencies, and CMO’s of some of the world’s largest brands.

RESULTS: The startup launched January 2017 with it’s first client, Together they wrapped 35 trucks with sideskirt banners and sent them on their way from  Florida to Michigan and across the entire southern United States, targeting  hunters along these routes. The campaign is still rolling along.