Nothing is more important to the success of a marketing campaign than understanding the target market, what drives their decision-making and, how to get them to convert.

As a full-service advertising agency and web design firm in Dallas, we strongly believe that market research is the precursor to success. Our expert marketing consultants create custom, integrated multi-channel marketing plans that lay out step-by-step what actions need to be taken to ensure media attention, market penetration, customer conversion and brand loyalty. Does your business need a go-to market strategy? a new product launch? a corporate rebranding initiative? We will execute a highly effective marketing campaign that results in maximum exposure with an impact.

The first step in this process begins by filling out a comprehensive Creative Brief. You can see the abbreviated version of a creative brief here. All this and more goes into increasing your brand equity and visibility in the marketplace.

Our experts will then develop the appropriate marketing strategy, plan, and materials to achieve your desired results. From concept through completion, our creative team will implement proven methodologies to effectively launch your new campaign whether it be a new name and corporate identity, website, advertising campaign or media buy.


Uncover the Data

The first step in conducting market research is to find out everything we can about your market, your customers, your competitors, your industry, and all the factors that affect or influence them. This involves engaging in deep level research, and not assuming that we, or the client, already knows everything about these subjects. Many times we find our clients are too close to their products and are influenced by the status quo. Our specialty is uncovering opportunities and developing creative solutions that produce marketable results.


Determine the Company DNA

What does your company stand for? How do you want your customers to experience doing business with your company? How do they view your products? We take your company’s core values and the core values inherent in your product and develop a cohesive Brand Statement that drives our marketing initiatives going forward.


Determine the Customer DNA

Deep below the surface, there’s an essential value a customer expects to get from buying your product or service. The essential value your customer expects isn’t always apparent. In fact, it can be quite elusive and requires digging beyond the obvious to identify it. But when we do identify it, the payoff will be immense and results in Brand Loyalty from your customers – the pinnacle of marketing success.


Determine the Competitor DNA

In order to find that competitive edge, we study what is going on in the market, what is and is not working. We will uncover best practices and new ideas to increase your effectiveness in the marketplace.

Two Types of Market Research

An important component of business strategy that includes social and opinion research.

  • Direct testing through focus groups, surveys, interviews, field-testing and observations. Our market research services in Dallas include the use of focus groups as we believe they are an important tool for acquiring feedback regarding new products, services and public opinion. Focus groups allow companies to develop, package, name, or test market a new product, service our marketing message before launching it to a mass audience.
  • Use relevant information previously compiled from third-party sources. This approach is relatively inexpensive and easily accessible, however, it is generally not as specific or focused as primary research. Using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences, we systematically gather and interpret information about individuals or organizations in order to gain additional insight to direct and support strategic marketing strategies.

Market Research Question list example:

  • What is the number of potential customers or customer segments?
  • Who are the customers, the market segments and what are their motivations?
  • Where are they located and how can they be contacted
  • How do consumers talk about the products in the market?
  • What are the differences and motivations of the market segments e.g. geographic, personalities, demographic, use of product, and psychographic differences?
  • Which needs are important?
  • Are their needs being met in the marketplace?
  • What quantity and quality do they want?
  • When is the best time to sell?
  • What is the size of the market size?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • What is happening in the market?
  • What are the market trends
  • What are the risks?
  • What does the product research reveal?
  • What is the appropriate Marketing Mix?

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