SEO is less about outsmarting the competition than it is about outworking them.

The Internet is the #1 way that consumers search for local services and products. In fact, there are probably thousands of searches performed each day by people looking for the products and services you provide. Literally every word, spelling variation, and phrase associated with every product and service you offer, to include periphery products and services, is a doorway can drive pre-qualified customers to your business. That equates to hundreds, potentially thousands of new marketing channels through which to reach new customers. This visibility generates organic search traffic from high converting prospects that translates to more Internet business leads and visitor conversions.

We do extensive research into your business goals, industry, target market and competition, develop a long list of relevant keywords and key phrases that your consumers use to find your product or service on the Internet. A successful SEO or SEM campaign is very involved and takes time, patience and money to develop, but the return on investment can be greater than traditional advertising efforts and lasts much longer.

How fast could your business grow if lead generation was on autopilot?

These days it takes a lot more than adding a few relevant keywords into your content to affect your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We’ve being doing SEO since 1997 – long before any of the other SEO companies in Dallas. Our SEO services are done in-house, by hand. We do not farm your SEO out to 3rd parties, foreign or domestic. We’ve found just about all of them are too lazy to what needs to be done to achieve successful search engine optimization results on Page 1 or the search engines for multiple key-phrases.

SEO Never Stops.

This is where SEO differentiates from PPC advertising. While PPC campaigns do provide results, you must pay for each click. Once you stop, your website’s sponsored result disappears. In contrast, an SEO campaign provides results long after the initial investment. Please note that PPC campaigns can serve well to enhance your organic ranking presence.

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