Hunting and Outdoor Directory

eCommerce Startup Branding, Website Design, Application Development, SEO and Marketing.

OBJECTIVE: This startup client developed and manages a subscription-based online directory of safari ranches, guides, and outdoor outfitters. Using the directory, hunters can quickly and easily locate the exact type of hunting/fishing  experience and outdoor gear that they require. The startup needed a brand, a flexible eCommerce platform, a web presence, and a launch event.

SOLUTION: TagTeam produced an eCommerce platform with content describing every animal hunted in North America and the guides who can find them. Then we managed the startup launch at the Dallas Safari Club International Hunting Convention.

RESULTS: Within one week, directory subscribers soared toward the top of the search engines and subscription revenue increased.  Statistical analysis showed a significant rise in visitor time-on-site pages viewed, inquiries, and directory subscriptions.