TagTeam Creative collects, measures, analyzes and reports to measure a visitor’s behavior as they click through our digital marketing tactics (social, email, PPC, retargeting, search egine marketing, SEO, etc) to provide actionable data so we can benchmark, analyze and continually improve upon our Internet Marketing Campaigns. We also use Web analytics to demonstrate how much traffic a website gets, how they are finding the site (search vs referrals), which pages they are going to, how long they are staying, geo-location, how many are unique versus return visitors and much more. This information enables us to improve the User Interface to optimize the conversion effectiveness of the Customer Journey and the website.  Website analytics reports are very detailed. The information provided in these reports is extremely useful and meaningful to business owners and webmasters. Some of the most useful statistics include custom queries, traffic sources, map overlay, content, and visitors overview.

The Analytical Information we provide includes:


  • How many visits your website has received during a specific time-frame.

Page Views

  • How many times different pages have been viewed.


  • The average of how many pages are viewed during a single visit.

Bounce Rate

  • Percentage of how many visitors leave or “bounce” from the site after only viewing a single page.

Average Time on Site

  • The average of how much time is spent on the site during a single visit.

% New Visits

  • Percentage of how many visitors are visiting the site for the first time.

Visitors Overview

  • This section provides a detailed report about the visitors to your website.

Navigation Analysis

  • Shows how many times, each of the links on your website have been clicked.

Entrance Paths

  • Shows how the visits have arrived at each specific page and which links on your site have brought visitors to each page.

Entrance Sources

  • Shows the sources of how many pages each source has sent to your website.


  • Report that shows how many visits are from users using different web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Also shows percentages of visits for each browser.

Connection Speed

  • Report that shows how many visits have different connection speeds. Also shows percentages of visits that are using each connection speed.

Click Patterns

  • Shows how many clicks each internal link on your site has generated.

Absolute Unique Visitors

  • Shows how many unique visitors have visited your website during a specific period of time. This statistic is the true measurement of how successful your website is.


  • Shows all of the keywords that visitors have used to find your website through a search engine.

Content Overview

  • A detailed report of which pages are being viewed by the visitors.

Unique Views

  • How many unique pageviews your site has received.


  • Shows the number of visits that each specific page of your website has received.

Visitor Loyalty

  • Percentage of how many visitors have visited the site one time, two times, three times, and so on.


  • Shows how the statistics of your site compared to other sites in your industry.

Map Overlay

  • Shows where the visitors are located geographically. This statistic is very important because it shows how many visitors are local.

Traffic Sources

  • A detailed report of how the traffic came to your website.

Direct Traffic

  • Shows how many visits came from users who typed your URL directly into the browser.

Referring Sites

  • Shows how many visits came from users who clicked a link to your website from another site. Also shows percentages of how many visits each referring site has sent to your website.

Search Engines

  • Percentage of how many visits came from a user who found your site through a search engine. Also shows a percentage of how much traffic each specific search engine has sent to your site.

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