Video accounts for roughly 38% of instances on the first page of the Google search engine results page. (ComScore). There is a special, rarely used technique called Video SEO that is extremely effective in increasing the visibility of your website, which drives more high-quality, relevant visitors to your site – those potential customers who are most likely to convert. Video has proven to keep visitors on your page longer, which improves search engine rankings and conversion rates.

Many people simply prefer watching video over reading text. The majority of Americans have short attention spans and want to be spoon-fed their content. Video does this better than any other media. A growing number are accessing the Internet from mobile devices and find it difficult to read on their phones. Video allows them to multi-task while they listen to your marketing message.

Online business and corporate video production and marketing has proven to be an extremely effective digital marketing tactic that grabs consumer attention, engages them and increases business leads and conversion rates. Business owners, medical doctors, attorneys and contractors all benefit from increased search engine placement.

While business video marketing makes an effective addition to your website, it works even better as a part of your overall Internet marketing campaign. At TagTeam Creative Advertising Agency, we craft page text, encoded metadata and other design elements in order to optimize your videos for keyword searches with the goal of increasing your sales.

Our video marketing experts provide strategic video distribution services by uploading them to popular video sharing sites, public relations press releases and niche industry websites. With a smart optimization and distribution strategy, TagTeam Advertising Agency can extend the reach of your videos to reach a highly targeted audience and greatly increase its effectiveness to provide you with a steady source of business leads.

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