Develop a series of ads directed at young men and women announcing their Harley-Davidson giveaway.


A series of humorous and risque ads that ran in local printed media and 97.1 promotional radio spots


Ad #1 : It All Starts with a Little Four Play.
Ad #2 : Never Before Have So Many Men Been Interested in Four Play.
Ad #3 : Nothing Gets a Woman on Top Faster Than Four Play.
Ad #4 : Yes, It’s Big. Yes, It Vibrates. No, It Won’t Fit Under Your Mattress.
Ad #5 : Remember, Once Four Play is Over, You’re Screwed.


That’s right. When you hear a “Four Play” of one musical artist, be the ninth caller during the fourth song to the KEGL Request Line (metro 214-787-1971) and win a key that could start the $21,500 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. But in order to win, you’ve got to listen to KEGL everyday between 10am and12midnight now through Friday, March 29. You must be 18 years or older to enter. No purchase necessary. The KEGL Master Rules apply. For a copy of KEGL Master Rules, send a SASE to: KEGL/Fatboy P.O. Box 540397, Dallas, Tx. 75354.