To create series of banner ads for Blockbuster Video promote the unveiling of their “Unlimited DVD rentals by mail”, a new service that would position them to compete with Netflix. Because of the sizeable media buy, the creative solution had to be “phenomenal” and “drive clicks”. The banners were to run on the front page of Yahoo.com where millions of people visit each day.


Instead of the typical static banner ads that had been typically commonplace, we created a series of interactive and engaging creative ads that seemed almost “3-D” designed to pull the viewers eye from competing text and images on the Yahoo! Home Page. These included snowballs being “thrown” at the viewer, kernels of popcorn “popping” off the screen, DVDs shooting off-screen into mailboxes, etc. Oh, did we mention we had about five (5) days to concept, design and develop 4 campaigns?


These ads set new records at Yahoo! for click-thru-rates for banners on their home page, an impressive accomplishment considering the amount of creative both Fortune 500 companies had created over their existence. The campaign was highly successful and extremely profitable for Blockbuster and Yahoo! and resulted in our agency winning additional work from both.