Long before the Waze App, there was Neverlost. Hertz Rental Car tapped TagTeam Creative to increase awareness and usage of the Neverlost OTP/ANS to customers.


Frankly, our solution was way ahead of it’s time.  Not only did we develop a useful set of features for the driver by adding “near me” pop up pins that displayed popular stores and restaurants nearby, but created the first monetization model by introducing new revenue channels through in-car, in-GPS (now in-App) advertising leveraging the Neverlost GPS platform and display screen. We spent weeks designing the User Interface and User Experience to make it as unintrusive and seamless as possible.


Despite months of trying to sell the concept to Hertz, they ultimately succomb to the pressures of their legal team, and did not implement it due to fears of being sued from distracted drivers – missing a huge financial opportunity.