What :

A new, government-mandated, out-of-home advertising channel called “Trailerskirt Advertising”.



Create a brand, website and sales collateral for a new Out-of-Home Media and Marketing company that turns the hard-polymer aerodynamic side skirts on the sides of 18-wheelers into mobile billboards to increase brand recognition and impressions from over-the-road travelers.


We conducted additional market research on the industry and target market to see if this was actually a viable concept.  Brands, Fleets and consumers alike agreed that this was an innovative and effective form of OOH Marketing.

We quickly designed and developed a website to give them a presence, and used our significant network on Linkedin to connect directly with media buyers, agencies and CMO’s of some of the largest brands in the world.


The startup launched January 2017 with it’s first client, TrophyHunts.com, who wrapped 35 trucks with their banners and blanketed the mid-west, from Florida to Michigan and, the entire southern region from Flordia to California to target hunters in these regions and along these routes. The campaign runs until till March 15th.