Hertz NeverLost GPS

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Hertz NeverLost GPS

Market Research, Product Ideation, App Monitization, and User Interface


OBJECTIVE: Long before the Waze App, there was NeverLost, by Hertz Rental Car Company. Hertz tapped TagTeam Creative to increase usage and generate revenue of the NeverLost OTP/ANS.

SOLUTION: Frankly, We were way ahead of the market here. Among other features, we developed “near me” pop up pins that displayed popular stores and restaurants nearby the vehicle. We also monetized the app by leveraging the Neverlost GPS platform and screen for advertising.

RESULTS: Ultimately, Hertz succumbed to the pressures of their legal team and did not implement the new features for fear of being sued by distracted drivers – missing a huge financial opportunity.


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Website Content Development Case Study


OBJECTIVE: SportClips is affiliated with NASCAR, INDY RACING LEAGUE, SPRINT CAR RACING, and is the “Official Haircutter” of several teams in the NBA, MLB, and NHL. We needed to leverage those relationships and lend their voice to the website content.

SOLUTION: Our market research was a lot of fun.  We defined a brand voice for a target market of enthusiastic male sports fans. Then, we created sports-themed copy to motivate them toward a full range of hair care services.


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Creative Advertising Campaign


Objective: GameStop is the single source for every game title worth having and has access to the latest games – even before they are publicly available. They wanted to increase the purchase of those video games.

Solution: We created an ad series that featured video game box designs that would resonate with their target audience. Incredible artwork and graphic design really popped off the page.

Result: TagTeam Creative leveraged the passion and detail in the original artwork to tell the video game story in an emotionally compelling way.


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StreetGreen Trailerskirt Advertising

OOH Marketing Startup Case Study:
Branding, Website Design, Development and Digital Marketing


OBJECTIVE:  This client leverages technology to turn the sideskirts of 18-wheelers into mobile billboards. As a startup, the client needed brand recognition.

SOLUTION: We conducted additional market research confirming that sideskirt advertising is indeed a viable concept, an industry innovation, and an effective form of marketing.

Then, we created a brand, a web presence, sales collateral, and leveraged our significant network on Linkedin to connect the client directly to media buyers, agencies, and CMO’s of some of the world’s largest brands.

RESULTS: The startup launched January 2017 with it’s first client, TrophyHunts.com. Together they wrapped 35 trucks with sideskirt banners and sent them on their way from  Florida to Michigan and across the entire southern United States, targeting  hunters along these routes. The campaign is still rolling along.


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TrophyHunts.com Hunting and Outdoor Directory

eCommerce Startup Branding, Website Design, Application Development, SEO and Marketing.

OBJECTIVE: This startup client developed and manages a subscription-based online directory of safari ranches, guides, and outdoor outfitters. Using the directory, hunters can quickly and easily locate the exact type of hunting/fishing  experience and outdoor gear that they require. The startup needed a brand, a flexible eCommerce platform, a web presence, and a launch event.

SOLUTION: TagTeam produced an eCommerce platform with content describing every animal hunted in North America and the guides who can find them. Then we managed the startup launch at the Dallas Safari Club International Hunting Convention.

RESULTS: Within one week, directory subscribers soared toward the top of the search engines and subscription revenue increased.  Statistical analysis showed a significant rise in visitor time-on-site pages viewed, inquiries, and directory subscriptions.

Sgt. Grit / Grunt.com

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Sgt. Grit / Grunt.com

eCommerce SEO Copywriting Case Study

OBJECTIVE: Tagteam was founded and is still operated by a veteran Marine. Thus, when a veteran-owned startup needs our help, we answer the call.  Sgt. Grit sells gifts, apparel, promotional products, and supplies branded by the United States Marine Corp. The objective was to increase product sales, improve online visibility, and broaden brand awareness.

SOLUTION: This was a huge content management project with multiple copywriters. Still, we landed it on time and on budget.  We developed the main website content, then wrote and optimized over 1,100 product descriptions with custom meta data and image descriptions.

RESULTS: Within months, Sgt. Grit was enjoying record profits from increased targeted online traffic and dramatically improved conversion rates. Sgt. Grit soon became the nation’s largest online product vendor for members, fans, and family of the United States Marine Corps. Oorah!

Hyundai USA

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Automotive Content Development Case Study


Objective:  The Agency of Record for Hyundai USA asked us to assist in the relaunch of their client’s website. We were honored and humbled. Our objective was to develop the voice of the brand online and improve conversation rates through content design and development.

Solution: We designed and developed over 700 web pages of original content that was engaging, informational, and inspired visitors to click through multiple pages.

Results: Hyundai USA relaunched their web presence with content navigation that lead potential car buyers to local dealers.

SMU Cox School

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SMU Cox School of Business

Higher Education Case Study:
Branded Voice and Website Content Development


OBJECTIVE: When the Agency of Record of one of the most prestigious universities in America asked us to assist, we hit the books. A flood of low- and mid-level managers was flowing into MBA programs as a way to gain competitive advantage. Our objective was to find out who these students were and what influenced them to chose an MBA program.

SOLUTION: After extensive research, we created original website content for informational and recruiting purposes.

RESULTS: Engaging content and strategic content navigation drove online visitors to click through multiple pages, increasing time-on-page, recruitment inquiries, and admissions to the Cox School of Business.

Pepsi and Survivor

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Pepsi / Sierra Mist / Survivor

Cross Brand, Cross Channel Marketing Campaign

Objective: The Agency of Record needed an online promotional campaign for Sierra Mist, the main sponsor of the hit TV reality show “Survivor.”

Solution:  We send Survivor Cast-offs to public events around the nation, meeting fans face-to-face.

Results: The promotion engaged fans directly with Survivor players, resulting in a huge jump in ratings and increased in-store sales of Sierra Mist.

WRM Stem Cell Therapy

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Wasserman Regenerative Medicine

Medical Startup Branding, Website Design, Development and Digital Marketing Case Study

OBJECTIVE: This Dallas-based healthcare startup provides cutting-edge, regeneration therapies that repair tissue too damaged to heal on its own. The founder needed brand positioning, messaging, and awareness, then all startup content creation and dissemination.

SOLUTIONS: We translated a very technical, scientific, and medical process into terminology that any potential patient could understand. On a foundation of websites and landing page, we then built  traditional and digital marketing campaigns that included keyword domains, search engine optimization, video production, PPC, retargeting, billboard advertising and more.

RESULTS: Just days after launch, the company was generating revenue. 14 months into the campaign:
32,000 visits from Page 1 rankings for hundreds of applicable terminology

Nearly 12,000 video views in the first year